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About Nanotech

WuxiNanotech is a company engaged in development, marketing and sales of software products. It also provides software development services. The company specializes in two main areas: Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and smart transportation in the general area of internet of everythings.

The company has received multiple awards in the past year, namely: 530 A class award by Wuxi city government, Double-innovation award from Jiangsu Province government. It’s development program has been accepted as both part of Wuxi city and Jiangsu province science and technology development program.

The company is a high-tech company, where 78% of its employees are engineers with an average of Master’s degree. Among those enigneers, 38% graduated from first class universities in China such as: Tsinghua University, Fudan University and China Science and Technology University, and 23% of them obtained Doctor’s degrees from the United States, France or Great Britain.

The company has developed a world-class Intergrated Circuit (IC) layout viewer, with it’s flat viewing capability better than any thing we have tested, including some popular commercial viewer in the world. The company is going on to develop its world-class IC-lithography softwares and smart transportation software/services.